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Hing logistics company ( specializes in importing plastic pellets, plastic pellets imported plastic imports, Hong Kong imported plastic pellets, plastic pellets declaration, customs clearance services such as plastic pellets. The company has Hong Kong and Shenzhen through express freight car, to provide Hong Kong receipt, transportation, inspection (inspection), customs clearance day, Shenzhen city delivery (field agents by mail) train service. Plastic pellets import generally two days to reach the customer, to ensure absolute security, efficiency and superior price. My company has experienced the declaration, and relevant departments have good interpersonal skills, a good reputation in the Shenzhen Customs in various ports, and peers. On the basis of the import and export logistics agency, also established a logistics network covering the Pearl River Delta, East China, North China, and the choice of system integration control mode, office and electronic information management and network-based tracking service.

Plastic pellets are commonly known as plastic granules, plastic semi-finished products to form for storage, transportation and processing of molding materials. Its value and mainly from the multi-faceted and excellent chemical resistance, thermoplastics guess the lowest density and the highest melting point, in cases of moderate cost. Because plastic pellets has many advantages: it is easy material, low cost, ease of processing, texture, light, and therefore the advent of a plastic, they welcomed by the world, it quickly penetrate into all aspects of social life, it is made of plastic bowls, cups, bags, pots, barrels, pipes and other plastics is listed as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, the popularity of plastic known as white innovation.

ADVANTAGES plastic pellets imported]

1) Jane ---- no need to document procedures, just to provide accurate delivery of the goods name and address in Hong Kong, we will give you a variety of agency procedures.

2) high security ---- regular express declaration, Hong Kong car transport.

3) cost advantages ---- the tax package fee, kg pricing. (Per kg of pricing, including freight, taxes and fees)

4) fast ---- day of receipt, the goods can be 2-3 days to Shenzhen. (Large cargo, container cargo as fast clearance, low price).

All level of $ 500) --- All types of fabric, plastic pellets, tag, plastic pellets, printer, nuts, food, household appliances, machinery, hardware, cattle sheep, plastic products, industrial parts, electric tools, clothing, stationery, etc. goods.

6) easy ---- just imported goods from abroad into my Hong Kong company receipt, 2-3 days of goods to Shenzhen.

7) provide plastic grain imports, imports of plastic pellets, plastic imports, Hong Kong imported plastic pellets, plastic pellets declaration, customs clearance services such as plastic pellets.

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